Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Slump - 33 pages down, 67 to go!

I last worked on my Gargoyle script for ScriptFrenzy on 11th April, with a massive 10 page sprint to reach 33 Pages! I was so impressed and pleased with myself, I took the next day off, enjoying Easter, eating a whole army of chocolate eggs, nests, even chocolate custard in a trifle! But now a week later, I realise my day off has lasted much longer than one day!

Now still on my 33 pages, with 12 days to go, giving me a writing target of 5.58 pages a day to write the next 67 pages by April 30th! Higher than the original target (3.33 pages a day), but still doable as I have managed 10 pages in a day! So time to get writing again I think!

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