Sunday, March 7, 2010

I won the One Minute Writing of the Day!

I just got a new comment on my Miniature One Minute Writing post below, and C. Beth (who runs the One Minute Writer Blog), tells me I won the One Minute Writing of the day! Woohoo! Thanks so much C. Beth! :)
Here's my winning post for you again, as it appears on the One Minute Writer Blogspot:

Thanks so much C. Beth! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Space Opera - Script Ideas!

ScriptFrenzy is coming up next month, I’d love to write something sci-fi for it. I’ve previously enjoyed writing a comic book script for ScriptFrenzy, I’d love to try writing either a Movie or TV Series script. I’m not really sure yet whether a movie or TV series would be best suited to my sci-fi story idea. I think I need to develop my ideas more first!

Space Opera
Human Hybrid, a female Captain, takes her crew of mixed aliens to find the lost human homeworld, Earth.
Mixed Alien crew land on Earth, where Captain soon discovers her homeworld is under threat from an alien race wishing to enslave the human race, and steal Earth’s resources (gas, oil, coal mining, etc).
Their spaceship is trashed leaving them stranded on earth, and unable to request help from “intergalactic high court or whatever it will be called”. They now have to fight any attempt at alien invasion from the ground level, with their knowledge of the advanced technology used, and thwart enemies plans.
Enemies Plans:

    • Unleash a virus
    • Shapeshifter aliens attacking people
    • Inciting Wars - bombings & attacks imitating those of previous terrorist organisations and other countries. Leaving false evidence, etc.
    • EMP - Electro Magnetic Pulse, and/or Power Cuts - bring the planet into the dark ages - they would be lost without their technology, feeling powerless, and revert to a primitive nation that would probably thieve from and attack one another.
    • Nuclear Bomb - wipe out areas of the country, and let the governments guess whose done it, and take their revenge on an innocent country. Causing Nuclear War.
These are just a few of my ideas to begin with! Please feel free to add any of your own suggestions below!