Saturday, February 27, 2010

One Minute Writing!

I've made a new resolution - to write every single day, at least for one minute, before I do any surfing of the web. If I'm strict with myself, I will always produce some writing every single day, and it will grow - I have to kick-start my writing somehow!

Today I went along to the One Minute Writer blog to find some inspiration to write, I found today's writing prompt to be "Miniature" - asking what I wish could be miniaturised. Here's my answer:
If I could miniaturise anything in the world? It would be me! If only for a day. I think it would be cool to wander through the giant streets, finding what people have dropped. Shiny coins, giant lollipop sticks, and if I’m really lucky? A chocolate sweet! I’d weave through the giant grasses and weeds, chasing bumblebees!

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