Saturday, February 27, 2010

One Minute Writing!

I've made a new resolution - to write every single day, at least for one minute, before I do any surfing of the web. If I'm strict with myself, I will always produce some writing every single day, and it will grow - I have to kick-start my writing somehow!

Today I went along to the One Minute Writer blog to find some inspiration to write, I found today's writing prompt to be "Miniature" - asking what I wish could be miniaturised. Here's my answer:
If I could miniaturise anything in the world? It would be me! If only for a day. I think it would be cool to wander through the giant streets, finding what people have dropped. Shiny coins, giant lollipop sticks, and if I’m really lucky? A chocolate sweet! I’d weave through the giant grasses and weeds, chasing bumblebees!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hello, it's been a while...

I haven't posted in a while, nor have I written for a while, so it's definitely time to start doing both again! I think I may try the One Minute Writer for inspiration and trying out different writing prompts to get me going again, as well as giving me much needed practice. I also fancy trying to write scenes from movies in prose - as I will know the scene well, and depicting that in writing should hopefully give me good scene writing practice - I'll just have to remember to include smells and feelings to add an extra dimension to the writing that of course you don't get when watching a movie!
I've also started a new reading challenge now, to try and help me read more of my novels (I have stacks and stacks of them at the moment), and also it is good to read different authors and styles of writing to give you different ideas for your own writing. I'm currently reading Moonshine by Rob Thurman, having recently finished reading his first book, Nightlife. Really liking these urban fantasy books!