Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Slump - 33 pages down, 67 to go!

I last worked on my Gargoyle script for ScriptFrenzy on 11th April, with a massive 10 page sprint to reach 33 Pages! I was so impressed and pleased with myself, I took the next day off, enjoying Easter, eating a whole army of chocolate eggs, nests, even chocolate custard in a trifle! But now a week later, I realise my day off has lasted much longer than one day!

Now still on my 33 pages, with 12 days to go, giving me a writing target of 5.58 pages a day to write the next 67 pages by April 30th! Higher than the original target (3.33 pages a day), but still doable as I have managed 10 pages in a day! So time to get writing again I think!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ScriptFrenzy - 14 Pages!

After a couple of days stuck on a scene and taking a break (mainly playing with my FortunaFanspace page, a fansite for professional dancer Brian Fortuna - it's 'writing' HTML, so it's kinda writing! lol), I've finally caught back up to 14 pages! I'm still a little behind, but I'm getting back with it now, and should still be able to complete 100 pages by 30th April! Providing I remember not to play with my fansite again, although I could do, if I just make sure I've done my allotted pages for ScriptFrenzy first!

I think I definitely have a problem committing to something once I decide to do it, I really want to do something, until it actually starts, then I really really wanna do anything but that! Why is that? Such a pain, I'll just have to learn to be tough on myself and make sure I do it earlier in the day and don't miss it out!

For anyone on ScriptFrenzy, my username is Green_Raven, you can add me as a friend on there and we can compare word counts! I need something to chase! lol!

Happy Writing Everyone!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

ScriptFrenzy - 3 Pages!

I've done my 3 pages for ScriptFrenzy today! Yay! Harder than you'd think to get them done today, I think starting a new story can be difficult anyway, but getting my head around the awkward formatting doesn't help. Especially when you have indentations for the dialogue on the left and the right, and have to change it between each action and dialogue and slugline. So frustrating. Perhaps I should have opted for screenwriting software?
A little late now. I also realised, although I have my plot outline, my two main characters, a Gargoyle and a Young Witch, still don't have any names! My two most important characters and they don't yet have a name! I better pick a name soon for my gargoyle character, as there's going to be more than one gargoyle, and that could cause some confusion! lol!
Other than that, all going well and on target! :)