Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Script Outlining Nightmares

I’ve never been particularly good at planning outlines and developing plots before I start my scripts and novels for ScriptFrenzy and Nanowrimo, after stressing over it big time last night (How to get the story idea down to 9 sentences???) I seem to have managed to do it! Split into three acts (rather messily, and more than one sentence for each of the 9 “chapters”), I think I’m on the right track. Hopefully it will keep me going right til the end of April, right through my 100 pages of script! Phew! And just in the nick of time with ScriptFrenzy starting tomorrow!

After ScriptFrenzy I’d like to do a short story, I’ve no idea how to plan a short story (not tried before), do you split that into chapters? It’s kind of like one chapter in a sense, being so short. Though you might split it into 3 parts, Beginning, Middle and End? Think I might have to find out how to plan and structure short stories! But first I’ll concentrate on my script, I want to beat my 12 pages I managed last year, and having an outline this year hopefully will help a lot!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Friday Fiction - Time Travel

The One Minute Writer Blog posts daily writing prompts, and as I’ve just discovered, they post weekly Friday short fiction writing prompts. This week’s Friday Fiction prompt is about Time Travel, with instructions to “Write a brief, creative, fictional piece about time travel.” I couldn’t resist this, so just had to have a go. So here’s my attempt:

Walking along the pavement, Anna glanced at her watch, just enough time to grab something to eat before her lunch ended. “Bloody Bank Queues” she mumbled, as she approached the chip shop counter.

“Hi Honey, what can I get you?” asked the cheery man behind the counter.

Before she managed to answer, another man bounded up to the counter, with an exuberant energy she wasn’t quite used to on a Wednesday lunchtime. Dressed in long brown coat, wearing a blue suit with sneakers. Nothing seemed to go, not even his scruffy hair and protruding nose. “Oh, that‘s what I like to see. Service with a smile.” he said with surprising enthusiasm, “Tell you what, mate, you couldn‘t rustle me up a couple of bags of chips could you? Only I‘m in a bit of a hurry, life and death and all that.” Noticing Anna’s open mouthed astonished face, he added “Oh you don‘t mind do you, darling? Only the whole world’ll come to a stop if I they have to wait for me.”

Sighing heavily, Anna replied “You‘re not the only one who has a half hour lunch break you know. And if you don‘t mind, I‘ve only got 12 minutes left of mine.”

“Oh I‘m sorry love, only I think my jobs a bit more important than yours, don‘t you?” and with that, he whipped out a piece of paper that said something about environmental health on it.
The cheery counter guy rushed to serve him piping hot fresh chips, with a really worried look on his face. “Here, here. Y-You won‘t find fresher chips in this town, Sir.”

“Hmm, well, we‘ll see.” replied the strange man with a condescending look. Taking the chips handed to him, he pulled out a chip, and chewed it over thoughtfully, whilst the guy behind the counter looked on hesitantly. After a long pause, he said “Not bad… not bad at all.”

The counter guy breathed a huge sigh of relief. And with that, the strange guy in the long coat, whirled round and swept out of the chip shop. Long coat swishing as he went.

“Who was that guy?” Anna asked, incredulously.

“Oh he's the Doctor.” replied a previously unnoticed girl in the doorway, short but pretty, with shoulder length blonde hair. “And he‘s going to save all your lives.”

“Doctor Who?” Anna asked, astonished.

“Just the Doctor” she replied, with a wry smile, and walked away.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Script Development

I’m currently in the script development process for my ScriptFrenzy plot, I usually struggle with planning an outline/plot for a novel or a script, and have never had one fully planned out before I began writing it. I was so pleased today to find Script Development advice on Script Advisory Service blog.

They’re posting a few entries on Script Development, here’s Development Post 1 and Development Post 2. There may be more in the next few days, and I shall be eagerly awaiting their posts!

So far, my script planning seems to be going quite well, I seem to have some good ideas coming together now, after starting to plan at the beginning of March. My usual problem is not giving myself enough time to plan for ScriptFrenzy and Nanowrimo, so hopefully I’ve given myself enough time, this time!

Here’s the results of my following the writing exercise as posted in Script Advisory Service’s Development Post 2:

A good set up for a script needs 3 things:

1) A character
2) A desire, objective or goal
3) An obstacle

The setup of my script:

The story is about A GARGOYLE ON THE RUN who wants TO LIVE AS A NORMAL HUMAN but A WITCH AND A DEMON, AND THE EVIL THEY SUMMON, stands in the way.

I think I have a basic setup now! :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


"We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open."
- Nehru, Jawaharlal

Writing Blog

I was inspired to start a writing blog after reading Sera Gamble’s official website, and then seeing she does her own writer’s blog, writes short fiction, as well as writing scripts for the hit CW TV show, Supernatural. She has a pretty good Frequently Asked Questions section on her website, she gives good advice on how to get good at writing, and get your writing accepted. Basically a lot of hard work and writing!

At first I was surprised to discover she writes short fiction as well as TV scripts, as I only knew her from writing my favourite TV show, Supernatural. It was from her list of works that I found a link to a short piece she wrote forNerve, a blogsite of Original Essays and Photography on Sex, Arts and Culture. The short fiction she wrote, Blue Star, is only 4611 words long. It’s a short story, but very well written and you get to know the characters in such a short space, I wouldn’t have thought it possible. I was so impressed and thought it would be a good thing to aim for, I can practice my own writing skills by keeping a Writing Blog and posting short pieces of fiction on it, as well as any ideas and updates on what I‘m working on right now. As I like to take part in ScriptFrenzy andNanowrimo writing competitions, and thought I could share my progress on the writing blog too. And that is what you have here. Thanks for the inspiration, Sera! :)