Friday, March 27, 2009

Script Development

I’m currently in the script development process for my ScriptFrenzy plot, I usually struggle with planning an outline/plot for a novel or a script, and have never had one fully planned out before I began writing it. I was so pleased today to find Script Development advice on Script Advisory Service blog.

They’re posting a few entries on Script Development, here’s Development Post 1 and Development Post 2. There may be more in the next few days, and I shall be eagerly awaiting their posts!

So far, my script planning seems to be going quite well, I seem to have some good ideas coming together now, after starting to plan at the beginning of March. My usual problem is not giving myself enough time to plan for ScriptFrenzy and Nanowrimo, so hopefully I’ve given myself enough time, this time!

Here’s the results of my following the writing exercise as posted in Script Advisory Service’s Development Post 2:

A good set up for a script needs 3 things:

1) A character
2) A desire, objective or goal
3) An obstacle

The setup of my script:

The story is about A GARGOYLE ON THE RUN who wants TO LIVE AS A NORMAL HUMAN but A WITCH AND A DEMON, AND THE EVIL THEY SUMMON, stands in the way.

I think I have a basic setup now! :)

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