Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Writing Blog

I was inspired to start a writing blog after reading Sera Gamble’s official website, and then seeing she does her own writer’s blog, writes short fiction, as well as writing scripts for the hit CW TV show, Supernatural. She has a pretty good Frequently Asked Questions section on her website, she gives good advice on how to get good at writing, and get your writing accepted. Basically a lot of hard work and writing!

At first I was surprised to discover she writes short fiction as well as TV scripts, as I only knew her from writing my favourite TV show, Supernatural. It was from her list of works that I found a link to a short piece she wrote forNerve, a blogsite of Original Essays and Photography on Sex, Arts and Culture. The short fiction she wrote, Blue Star, is only 4611 words long. It’s a short story, but very well written and you get to know the characters in such a short space, I wouldn’t have thought it possible. I was so impressed and thought it would be a good thing to aim for, I can practice my own writing skills by keeping a Writing Blog and posting short pieces of fiction on it, as well as any ideas and updates on what I‘m working on right now. As I like to take part in ScriptFrenzy andNanowrimo writing competitions, and thought I could share my progress on the writing blog too. And that is what you have here. Thanks for the inspiration, Sera! :)

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