Friday, June 26, 2009

How To Write A Short Story

I found a great article on WikiHow, explaining How To Write A Short Story. I really like it, and thought I would post the main steps on here. Click through to the article for more details!
  1. Read plenty of short stories
  2. Gather ideas for your story - learn how to brainstorm
  3. Choose an idea and start with the basics of a short story
  4. Know your characters
  5. Limit the breadth of your story - days or even minutes
  6. Decide who will tell the story
  7. Start writing
  8. Come out swinging
  9. Keep writing
  10. Let the story "write itself"
  11. Revise and edit
  12. Get some second opinions
  13. Incorporate whatever edits, revisions and suggestions are valid

  • Do research - i.e. if it's set in the 1950's
  • Use music to help connect you to emotions and events you want to convey

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